MicroPoas® innovation

MicroPoas®, the sensor for accurate oxygen measurements

MicroPoas® is a patented* innovation, deriving from French research. This unique technology is regularly upgraded to match changes in customer requirements.
The MicroPoas® sensor meets the safety requirements of installations.

MicroPoas ®, a unique sensor on the global market

MicroPoas® is a zirconia sensor with a built-in metal reference. The reference is made of a mixture of a metal and its oxide, placed inside a zirconia sleeve. There is no need to use a reference gas.

MicroPoas ®, the smallest and most efficient sensor available

The MicroPoas® zirconia sensor with built-in metal reference is miniaturized, ultra accurate, autonomous and requires no reference gas. It corresponds perfectly to SETNAG’s approach to innovation, meeting the strict criteria for oxygen gas measurement, and improving industrial and scientific use of combustion and incineration control, process control, etc.

Thanks to the MicroPoas® inside, SETNAG oxygen analysers deliver excellent accuracy and unequalled linearity. MicroPoas® has excellent resistance to thermal shocks, extreme pressure values, and consumes very little electrical power.
Its sturdiness guarantees minimization and control of maintenance costs.

The MicroPoas® sensor (or zirconia sensor) enables SETNAG to propose oxygen analysers covering a wide range of industrial and scientific applications.

MicroPoas ®, at the heart of sustainable development

SETNAG has been ISO9001 accredited since 2000. We perform several metrological tests on our products to comply with the latest standards in force. Therefore we can guarantee that our products’ performances will meet your expectations and allow a strict control of your installations so that they can conform to the restrictions on discharge of pollutants into the atmosphere.

*patented by ANVAR/CNRS/University of Grenoble